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12 Mistakes to avoid while Camping

Camping is the best way to connect to nature. I don’t know about you but for me camping at least a couple of times a year improves my focus and brain functioning.

Preparing for camping trips can be frustrating and a daunting task. Don’t be despair, we are here to help.

Camping is a fun and exciting experience. However camping trips need proper preparation so that you will have everything you need for a safe and fun trip.

1) Create a Checklist –

One of the most common mistakes among camping goers is they don’t create a camping checklist. It’s the first step towards your camping trip. List out items and things you need to carry.

You can also break down the checklist into a clothing checklist, camping gear checklist, food and beverage checklist etc. Off course Coffee Mugs. (affiliate link)

Check out this Camping List here

2) Picking the Wrong Kind & Size Tents

Depending on the weather camp ground and the number of people going to live in the tent you need to pick the tent size. While choosing the evaluate the tent capacity rating my general advice is to assume to be a close fit.

If you need more room, always get a larger capacity tent.

Some of the reason you might need a larger tent is 

  • Large tall people
  • People who toss and turn at night might need more room
  • If you use your elbow lot 
  • If you have pets and kids.

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3) Arriving too late

 Always try to arrive before dark. Some of the reasons if you arrive in the dark is it is not easy to set up your tent or organize all your stuff you brought with you. If you can arrive during daylight time. It gives you ample time to get organized setup the tent, set up campfire.

Arriving in dark also annoys your campsite neighbors who would be exhausted after the whole day of activities.

Due to the lack of daylight, you can also encounter deers and cause accidents while driving to the campground. You might have the campsite office closed. To avoid all these delays check the traffic on your way to the camping site as well as plan accordingly.

Flash Light comes in Handy in these situation so please check our recommended Camping Flash Lights at Amazon (affiliate link)

4) Bad Weather

It is unpredictable but always make sure to pay attention to the weather report of your camping area for the days you are going to stay there.

Bad weathers like strong winds, pop storms and unexpected snows can pose huge problems for your camping trip.

In fact, part of the beauty of camping is that you can only plan so far and are not prepared for that inevitable curve ball thrown by mother nature. Sure we cannot control nature but we can control what we can bring to the camping site to get protected ourselves during this outdoor trip.

One of the most popular gear for inclement weather is Rain fly or a trap one over head and one on the ground.

Our recommended Rain fly and Traps from Amazon (affiliate link)

5) Bring too many stuff

Sometimes we get so paranoid about the trip and we pack too much. An outdoor camping trip is to have fun and enjoy nature. So you don’t need some of the unnecessary stuff during the camping trip.

You don’t need all those makeup beauty accessories, kids toys and only need minimal clothing. For example camping convertible pants into shorts (affiliate link)

Another smart way to do a camping trip is to bring adequate equipment which can perform many roles. It takes experience about what you need to pack. So if you have already done camping before you are better informed what you need and what you don’t need.

6) Proper Clothing

Wanted to have fun while camping? Of course you can achieve that goal by being comfortable so you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. One of the things that make you comfortable is clothing.

Proper Camping clothing comes in two categories one is summer and another is winter wear. It’s all about layers.

Summer Camping Wear – 

Inner layer – breathable underwear and socks

Outer Layer – Moisture-wicking shirts and Shorts

Head wear – Light hats

Winder Camping Wear –

Inner Wear – Wicking undergarments or long johns

Middle – Warmth 

Outdoor – Wind and Moisture barrier kind of outfits

7) Ignoring Wildlife

All it takes is a wrong move in the woods and you could have an unwanted guest at your campground. So trying to keep your family safe from potential dangerous wild animals like bears is important.

First of all you should know the area you are in. Are there any wild animals like bears and coyotes around in that area? Do a research about the campsite and also read reviews from other campers already staying there to get an idea.

Keep your campsite clean no food left overs which would attract animals like bears due to the food odor. It is not only trash but bears are also attracted to lotions, toothpastes and soaps.

Please check out our review on Best Bear Spray we recommend.

8) Forget to bring sleeping pad or bags

It is one of the essentials in your camping checklist. Without a sleeping bag you will have a miserable night’s sleep. If there is rain or snow you will find yourself waking up to a pool underneath without a sleeping bag or pad.

Sleeping pad gives you an extra cushion between you and the jagged earth. So that you can snooze peacefully on a pretty good sleeping pad.

When it comes to sleeping bags I would recommend you to invest a little more on a high end lightweight goose down sleeping bag. Check out our review on the Top 10 Sleeping Bags here.

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9) Bug Sprays

Place you can find most bugs is at a camping site. The great outdoors is filled with wildlife as well as mosquitoes and ticks.

Having a quality bug spray can protect you against these insects and have a fun filled outdoor trip.

If you can cover your food and drink it prevents bugs from bothering you. Also if you use LED it won’t attract bugs or use of Citronella candles which is a natural repellent for bugs and mosquitoes.

10) Poisonous plants

When you are camping with your family the last thing you want is to run into poisonous plants like Poison Ivy. Poison Oaks to Poisonwood and everything in between there is a reason to name the plants poisonous plants they are all toxic once contacted with them you camping trip would be miserable.

North America has one of the worst natural toxic plants. Try to avoid walking under it at all costs, especially after a rain when these trees drop sticky drips on to your skin.

Admire these plants and trees from far and prevent yourselves getting in contact with them and you’ ll make home without any issues.

11) Picking the wrong spot for tent

Pitching your tent in the wrong spot can mean a lot of issues like wind, rain, tent flapping and will ruin your camping night keeping you awake.

The best tent pitching practice is choosing a pitch with some flat and soft ground on uphill or rocky ground. Some of the places to avoid are play areas, don’t pitch closer to other campers, away from fire and barbeque pits. Make sure your ground is clear of debris such as sticks, stones and bricks.

So next time when you camp keep in mind what to avoid and pick the best flat and soft ground for pitching your tent.

12) First Aid Kit

Apart from your sunscreen bug spray another essential kit is the First Aid Kit. Hope you won’t need it on your trip but if you need it then you would be glad you bought it with you.

It’s during these joyful moments at the camping site that we get excited and prone to little mishaps like bruises and minor cuts while kids playing or moving your camping gear or setting up tents. If you are planning to spend quality time outdoors you want to bring a few camping first kits.

Be prepared for camping accidents with a well equipped and stock first aid essential kit.


Apart from these mentioned above you need to follow the Leave no Trace Policy that means you should leave the camping area as if you had not been there. Pick all your trash and make sure you haul all your belongings out of the park when you go out.

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