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How Many Calories do you burn riding a mountain bike

Do you know on average a person burns around 400 -700 calories per hour of biking? Everybody needs calories to act as fuel for our bodies to function. Even though we need calories to do our day to day activities it is very important how much calories we need per day. Excess calories per day can make a person obese and cause several health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and more.

On average a woman needs to consume 2000 calories per day and a man requires 500 calories more around 2500 calories to maintain average body weight. It is hard to measure exactly how many calories you burn riding a mountain bike because several factors determine how many calories are burned depending on the weight, bike weight, the speed of the ride as well the model of the mountain bike, etc.

Comparing How much calories burned with mountain biking vs other activities?

Mountain Biking VS Running

Running is a pretty good exercise as well as burns more calories compared to biking on a mountain bike. While you are running you use more muscles compared to biking which is gentler on your body and will be able to do it longer or faster than you run. 

Biking will make your glutes, quads and hamstring strong and get leg muscles. However running won’t build muscles. Have you ever seen Arnold Schwarzenbegger running to build muscles?

Burning Calories will help you to lose weight if you compare biking vs running you will lose more weight if you run compared to biking because if you run 15 mins you will burn almost 200 calories but compared to biking you lose only 97 calories per 15 minutes again depending on different factors.

Overall it depends on your goal. Biking or running is a best fit for you.

Walking Vs Mountain Biking

A study by the American Council of exercise estimates that an average 160-pound person will burn around 8.7 calories per minute while walking compared to 7.3 calories per minute while you bike. So if your goal is to lose weight walking is the best option compared to biking. Again losing weight depends on the pace and intensity of your walking or biking.

There is a big difference between walking vs biking. Both these exercises using different muscles some people would be more comfortable using one exercise over the other. If your overweight biking would be the best option since it requires less effort and once you lose a little bit of weight you can switch to brisk walking to lose weight. Whichever exercise you prefer always to try to choose safety first, like wearing a helmet when biking (check out some of the helmets we recommend) Also be aware of your surroundings don’t keep loud volume so that you won’t hear the oncoming traffic and other hazards.

Mountain Biking Vs Road Biking

A ride on a mountain bike is all about steep climbs, sharp turns, and rough terrains. So if you compare mountain bikes vs road bikes you need to put more effort on-mountain compared to road bikes which you ride on a smooth surface and needless effort.

Does Mountain Bike Burn More Calories than road bikes?

Yes, Mountain biking burns more calories and it is also much harder on your body than road cycling. But both these kinds of bikes have their pros and cons. If you are biking on a mountain bike you enjoy the beauty of the trails you ride. Also, it is a full-body workout at least on the trails.

On the other hand, road bikes are easy on your body and burn less calories. You don’t have the ups and down of a mountain bike since you ride on a smooth road surface.

How much calories mountain bikes burn?

As said earlier, mountain biking doesn’t have a firm set of burning calories. If you can get an estimate of how much you burn based on a certain number of factors you can check this biking calculator to get an idea. Also check out the chart below.

This chart explains how much calories can be burned biking a mountain bike on 15 minutes with an average speed of 10-12 miles an hour bike ride.


150 Lbs





1 Mile

48 Calories

57 Calories

79 Calories

88 Calories

92 Calories

3 Miles

121 Calories

138 Calories

154 Calories

170 Calories

210 Calories

5 Miles

282 Calories

320 Calories

357 Calories

395 Calories

414 Calories

What kind of mountain bike?

How many calories you burn also depend on what kind of mountain bike you ride. A bike which is heavier can burn more calories since it takes more effort to ride and thus more calories burned.

What Kind of Cycling Trail/Terrain do you bike?

The more calories burned also depends on what kind of terrain you bike. A flat surface you bike with less effort so less calories burned.  But if you are riding uphill you put more effort on your upper body and burn more than the regular calories. Also riding uphill you need more power and practice.

How much Speed and time  do you ride the mountain bike?

The average speed on a mountain bike is 30 miles an hour. Speed on a mountain bike is not a big factor in burning calories; it also depends on how much effort how long you ride the mountain bike matters. The longer you bike, the more calories you burn.

Conclusion –

There is not doubt that biking is one of the best forms of exercise to burn lots of calories and a healthy lifestyle. By adding good health and a low carb diet can maintain good health and lose weight and build an ideal body.

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