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Best Hiking Pants of 2020

Fashion and adventure do not mix; this simple claim is affecting the overall concept of hiking. However, in 2017, the fashion dilemma of adventurers need not affect their overall choice of hobby. Hikers are among the toughest travelers. Choosing the right gear for hiking includes picking the right clothing that is not simply comfortable but also functional.

Here is the list of top ten hiking pants that both men and women who have embraced their more adventurous side could choose from this year:

7 Best Hiking Pants of 2020

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Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants

prAna Stretch Zion 30inch Inseam

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Pant

Arc'teryx Lefroy Pant
Rab Men's Vertex Pant
Fjallraven Men's Vidda Pro Pant
Outdoor Research Men's Cirque Pant

1. Outdoor Research Ferrosi

Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi Pants
Notably defined with its lightweight fabric, this pair of pants is best or those who want to move comfortably while hiking. The nylon shell used to make up the pants is sturdy enough to handle massive movements. It is also defined by its sturdiness. To add up to this, it is also known for its temperature regulation feature that makes it a better choice among other brands.

Distinctively, the Outdoor Research Ferrosi is a choice that has made it easier for adventurers to pick the pants over the others. However, the down weight of the pants could be accounted against its lack of storage pockets which is highly required among hikers.

Reviews about the pants show how distinctively good this set of hiking pants is and how its performance attracts them to consider it as a great choice for hikers of all kinds and all types. Among all its features, those who bought it recognized its movement-mirroring capacity to be the best among all its qualities. Besides being sturdy, this pant is soft enough to be a casual pant when necessary.

2. Prana Stretch Zion

prAna Stretch Zion 30inch Inseam
One quality that makes these pants exceptional is that of its abrasion resistant feature. When one hikes for miles in tough-to-walk pathways because of thick grasses and other natural elements, it is most often than not that the pants receive all the pressure which includes massive abrasions. These abrasions usually make the pants useless later on. This is why Prana made it certain that these pants would be able to avoid such abrasions through using versatile fabrics that could immediately respond to such pressures.

Breathability is also important for hikers, especially if the extensive walks would involve warm climate surrounding the area where they are adventuring in. Being able to adjust through different weather conditions is an essential part of a satisfying hiking adventure and the Prana Stretch Zion provides such comfort and satisfaction accordingly.

3. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant
If it is pockets a hiker wants, it is pockets the Columbia Siler Ridge Convertible gives. With such storage options, this hiking pant allows hikers to move freely with everything they need right within their reach in their pockets. Spacious but not heavy in the look, this pants completely looks stylish even with too many pockets and large amount of items placed in it.

Made with thin material that is easy to carry around while hiking, it is amazing how sturdy its pockets are to hold as much amount of items in it. The only possible disadvantage of this pant is that it is non-stretchy; nevertheless, such quality does not lower down its performance and overall quality.

4. Arc Teryx Lefroy Pant

Arc'teryx Lefroy Pant - Men's
Using an AirPerm fabric, the creators of this hiking pant assures breathability and comfort for the user. With such overall makeup, the pants itself is not too tight nor it is too baggy making it just right for the travel option that hiking requires. Among the main features of this specialized clothing is its stretchy fit, articulated knee areas and gusseted crotch that makes the movability more effective for all hikers to consider.

5. Rab Vartex Pant

Rab Men's Vertex Pant
Composed of 93% nylon and 7% spandex, this pant is noted for its single weave makeup that makes it rather light to the eyes and light to carry through the whole walking and trekking adventure of every hiker. It is also noted to be quick drying and comfortable even after hours of being worn. The durability of the pants makes it a great choice for hiker who would want to use the pants on other casual occasions as well. The weather protection that the pants give actually protects the user of this clothing allowing them to be more functional.

6. Fjallraen Vidda Pro

Fjallraven Men's Vidda Pro Pant
Featuring a G-1000 cotton fiber that makes the whole selection flexible enough for functionality and extensive performance, this pant selection is also noted for its reinforced knees and butt sections making it more comfortable for the hiker to move around with it. Amidst different weather conditions, this pant perform at its best for the benefit of the user.

7. Outdoor Research Cirque Pant

Outdoor Research Men's Cirque Pant
This pant provides support to the serious hiker. With a feature on improving better movability of the hiker, this pant gives an option for each hiker to perform at his best while experiencing all the satisfying results of his hard work. With water-resistant feature, the weather support this pant provides the hiker protects him accordingly from all imbalances in the external environment that he needs to face.

Accordingly, these choices of pants provide hikers with the best option of performing best in their adventures while enjoying every minute of these instances of travel.

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