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Best Hand Warmers for Hiking and Camping in 2020

10 Best Hand Warmers for your next Camping Trips

Hand Warmer, as the name says, it is used to warming your hands from cold. The idea of using hand warmers is to keep your hands warm if you are in a cold area while you’re camping, hiking in such conditions.

Hand Warmers keep you comfortable and keep you away from shivering for a long time depending on the hand warmer you are using. Since our blog is all about outdoor we would recommend only products related to camping and hiking. These hand warmers come in handy while on a camping trip and keep you active.

This is one of the products we would recommend must have in your backpack while camping to have an enjoyable trip. Each warmer has a different time to keep you warm.

How to choose the Best Hand Warmer between Reusable VS Disposable Hand warmers

Picking up the right hand warmers for your needs depends on how much time you are planning to use the handwarmers.

Reusable Hand warmers are more expensive than the single use disposable ones. If you live in a cold temperature part of the world where the winter lasts longer, investing in a reusable one is the best option. Of course it comes with maintenance like charging and batteries etc.

The disadvantages for reusable hand warmers because of the extra size it won’t fit very well in your gloves, only best to use in your pocket to get your hand warmed up.

Disposable Hand warmers – is affordable, easy to use and you can toss it out after use. If you are not often used on a regular basis then disposable is the right choice for you. For example you are going on a camping trip once in a year or during winter. It is light in weight so easy to carry with you during long trips. Most of the Disposable hand warmers comes in different counts so if you lose one all you need to pick and open another one

The disadvantage of using disposable hand pads is it is slower to warm up cold hands and less hot and uniform compared to the reusable one. Also, it worked on a chemical reaction that oxidizes the iron powder inside it. Some of the disposable ones may take up to half an hour to build up the heat.


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Grabber Hand Warmer

Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer

Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

Tundras Hot Hand Warmers

HotHands Warmers

1) Grabber Hand Warmer 10 Pack (HWPP10)


Safe and Natural Long Lasting Heat warmer from Grabber is a warmer with not odor like other cheap hand warmers. After use you can dispose of it since it is a single use item. Remove warmer from the package and apply directly to the skin and it will heats up  in 15-30 minutes After use just dispose in your regular garbage bin since the ingredients in the grabber hand warmer does not harm the environment.

Grabber Hand Warmer is TSA approved made in the USA is a single use air-activated heat pack providing warmth and keeping your body warm from cold temperature. 

Perfect for events like Tailgating, Outdoor Sports events like football, baseball games. If you are planning for a hunting, camping or finish trip this Grabber Hand Warmer is a must have item in your backpack easy to carry convenient, compact as well as portable.

Average Temp 135F and the Max Temp 156F when used as per the direction.

2) Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer
 Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer -

Is of the best investment for keeping your hands warm during your cold temperature days while you are outdoors. Hunter Safety Hand Warmer is designed keeping in mind the Hunting community and it’s a favourite product for hunters. Stitched Excellently with plenty of room for your hands with high quality zippers.

Users of this product say they have spent probably 3 hours in a zero degree night and kept their hands warm without using their mittens. It is super soft on your hands as well. It is Ergonomically designed for standing and sitting.Handy for all outdoor trips like hunting, camping and fishing.

Hunter Safety System Muff Pak Hand Warmer
3) Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers
 Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

Zippo Hand warmers is a refillable catalytic heater hand warmer product that provides safe and gentle warmth. Works fantastic for your outdoor activities and lights up easy and burns hot. Zippo Hand warmers need a lot of oxygen to function very well. It comes with a pouch and the purpose of this is to protect your skin and help regular the oxygen flow.

Some of the users of this Zippo product love it.It comes with different colors like chrome, red, pink and more. We would recommend the 12-hour Hand one to buy. This one can also be a good Gift idea for Campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Zippo Flameless gentle hand warmer provides two and half times more heat than the cheap disposable hand warmers in the market. It has a sleek design that fits into any smaller pockets.

It doesn’t come with the fluid you need to buy it separately; it’s available on Amazon as well.

4) Tundras Hot Hand Warmers
Tundras Hot Hand Warmers

Tundras Hot Hand warmers are long lasting safe and odorless heat packs for hands, toes and your body. TSA approved products keep your hands toasty when you are outside in cold temperature with up to 8 hour long lasting heat. Do not apply this product directly to your skin instead use them in your gloves or pant pockets and will instantly feel a soothing warm.

Convenient and easy to carry single use heat packs are a great item while traveling on your backpack trips. The ingredients are environment friendly so you can dispose of it after use in your garbage bags.  Tundras Hot Hand Warmers uses natural heat to keep your hands, toes and body warm and is safe for both adults and kids.

We would recommend a 20 count pack ultra-thin ready to use and air-activated priced at $11.99 from Amazon.

Tundras Hot Hand Warmers
5) HotHands Warmers
HotHands Warmers

HotHand Hand & Toe Warmers comes with 24 pairs of hand warmers and 8 pairs of toe warmers. Safe and natural long last heat warmers for your hand and toes these single-use disposable warmers are TSA approved and made in the USA. Thoughtfully designed, convenient and compact so you can enjoy hothands anywhere anytime.

Some of the natural ingredients include iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and wood fiber and weighs about 2 pounds with a dimension of 9.6 X 6.8 X 4 inches.

Open the plastic package and give the warmers a few minutes to get heat up and after that place them to your gloves or pockets and insert them to your shoes for toes to warm and the effective till 4-6 hours depending on the temperature outside.

 HotHands Warmers
6) HOTNWARMER Disposable Hand Warmers
HOTNWARMER Disposable Hand Warmers

Hot-N-Warmer Disposable hand warmer heat pads for hands while hiking, camping or walking outdoors in cold weather. One of the Hand warmers that provides more than 18nhrs of warmth per pair. It’s an air activated hand warmer that pops them inside your pockets or gloves to get instant heat to warm up your hands. Safe and natural heat is provided within 10-20 minutes after it is open.

These portable heat pads for hands are ideal for travelling and lightweight easy to pack in your backpack or travel luggage. It also comes in handy during winter if you keep a couple of them in your car and pop it up in your coat or jacket for instant heat to warm your hand before you drive.

HOTNWARMER Disposable Hand Warmers
7) Yaktrax Hand Warmer
Yaktrax Hand Warmer

Yaktrax disposable hand and body warmer comes with 40 pieces individually. Yaktrax Brand stands out in the hand warmer category because of the unique technology used in it which will last for 18 hrs of heat after air is activated after opening.

Keeps you warm for long periods when camping nights, hunting for long hours in the cold as well as fishing in cold temperature. It is odorless and environmentally friendly safe warmer. Some of the users have great experience using this product and they are not disappointed. So you will definitely like the long lasting 18 hrs heat pad for you to beat the cold temperature.

Celestron 48011 Elements ThermoTank
8) Lentra Warmer – 
Lentra Warmer

This 80 count long lasting natural safe hot hand warmers is little pricey but not that worth for the 10 hour heat compared to the other 18 hrs of heat for a lesser price. Lentra Hand Warmers are designed to keep your hands cozy when the temperature is cold outside. This TSA approved hand heat pads keeps even heat to keep your fingers, toes and feet warm.

Portable Lentra Hand warmer activates the heat packets quick and easy just remove and shake it to activate. It will heat up within 15-30 minutes and after use just toss in the regular garbage bags.

Human Creations EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer
9) Human Creations EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Human Creations EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Ergonomically designed Portable hand warmer to fit your hands and warms up in just a few seconds with Energy Flux G3 from Human Creations. This is a Multipurpose product since it acts as a power back as well for your iPhone or Android smartphones and tablets on the go.

It has a 4 hrs of heat time after it is fully charged, perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping or even jogging in cold weather. It can also be a perfect gift for camping enthusiasts during the holiday season. It comes with a one year guarantee as well.

Human Creations EnergyFlux G3 Rechargeable Hand Warmer
10) Celestron 48011 Elements ThermoTank
Celestron 48011 Elements ThermoTank

Durable long lasting hand warmer with aluminum housed covering. It comes with a USB 2.0 charger to charge and reuse. Ergonomically designed hand warmer to easily fit into your pockets, gloves and carry during outdoor activities.  Stay warm and cozy during your trail walk or hike with the ThermoTank hand warmer. Comes with a 4400mAh lithium ion battery which will last for at least 6 hrs of continuous heat to your hands.

Unlike the disposable hand warmer these ThermoTank can be recharged multiple times and don’t need to worry about buying each time you run out like the single heat pad.

Celestron 48011 Elements ThermoTank

*All prices mentioned above are at the time of publishing.

So No More to Cold Hands

If you’re in a cold weather and your hands get cold is not fun and well as it is painful. Whether you are in a car or outside during winter. These above mentioned Hand Warmers will help you drive the cold away and keep you warm and safe for a longer period of time.

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