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7 Most Powerful Folding Electric Bikes

Every day we have to commute via car, bus, and subway trains to reach our destination. So While during these travels the folding electric bikes are very helpful as well as come in handy to carry and go in and around the city. These everyday e-bikes make your travel inside the city convenient and efficient.

There are several folding electric bikes available in the market but we can help you to find the perfect one along with its features and specs.

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SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike 

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike 

SWAGTRON EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike

ECOTRIC  Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike 
Tomasar Power Electric Bike 
Totem Electric Bicycle 250W

1) SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike – This is a normal electric e-bike to help you in your daily commuting. It can withstand strong winds and from different mountain terrain on your way to work.

Regular Electric Bikes are heavy and large and not easy to unwind and difficult to carry in trains or cars or even storing them in your room. But SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike  helps to solve that problem. With the unique design of the SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike it helps to fold the bike within a few seconds to make your transportation fast and easy as well as easy to store as well as protection from bike theft.

Some of the features of this ebike are you don’t feel while riding on steep mountains with a deep incline up to 18°.

It is one of the best investments of your life because the amount of power is really shocking when you first get to ride this.

This SWAGCYCLE bike is most versatile in fitting all different sizes of people and it can easily adjust the seat and handlebar to fit up to 5’11” long legged person.

Have an average speed of 15 miles  per hour, a pretty good speed for your daily travel to work or home. One of the advantages of an electric bike is you don’t put lots of effort in pedaling the bike and you don’t sweat while you arrive at your office. 

Bike Specs for SWAGCycle EB5


Vehicle Weight  = 37 Pounds

Load Weight = 226 Pounds

Folding = 3 times

Charge Time = 4-5 hrs

Wheel Size = 14 inches

Price =  $499 – Check on Amazon ( )

Product Dimensions: 34.9 x 24.5 x 14.5 inches 

2) ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike – High Quality folding mini e-bike lightweight steel frame with great style for your daily commute. This high-quality ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike comes with high-quality specific parts including folding pedals, integrated bell, and LED Battery to tell the power indicator.

Easy to remove the battery – Comes with a 36 V 8AH Lithium Ion removable battery can ride up to 15 -30 miles with just one charge. Since it has the removable battery option it allows you to charge when you are at work or home at your convenience. And the charge time for the battery is 4-6 hrs.

Easy to Storage – The problem with regular bikes is storage with electric bikes storage can be easy since ANCHEER bikes come with sturdy collapsible folding frames and can be folded within seconds. Which makes it easier to store under your office desk and your home closet. It is a perfect bike for camping, hiking and fishing or any other outdoor activities because you can fold and put it back in your car without taking too much room. 

Ancheer Electric bike is one of the leading e-bike manufacturers and for years has been dedicated to creating innovative bikes using cutting edge bike technology using high-quality materials.

Bike Specs for ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike


Vehicle Weight  = 37 Pounds

Load Capacity = 220 lbs

Charge Time = 4-5 hrs

Wheel Size = 16 inches

Price =  $449 – Check on Amazon

Maximum Speed 15.5 MPH

3) SWAGTRON EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike – This Fat Tire Foldable bike you can explore the outdoors of all-terrain with the folding technology. Fast Silent and beat the path with a great experience with the power to go farther in the great outdoors. This all-terrain foldable fat tire e-bike provides off-road mobility which other electric ebikes cannot provide. 

Three Riding Modes – SWAGTRON EB-8 comes with three riding modes like throttle only, pedal only, and pedal to go. This EB-8 Fat tire model comes with exhilarating power and great performance with their high torque 350 Watt motor.

Removable Battery – The EB-8 Fat Tire electric bike comes with a 36V removable battery with a protective cover from dust and outside moisture. The built-in technology lock ensures that EB-8 bikes won’t turn on until the e-bike is unfolded and the battery is locked.

Aluminum Alloy Frame – One of the main features of the Fat Tire EB-8 bike is its ultra-strong aluminum alloy frame which accommodates the load weight up to 264.5 pounds which rarely few e-bike manufacturers offer. The tires can be changed effortlessly at home or at a bike shop and need little or less maintenance because of the convenient power line that disconnects for the rear hub motor without electrician expertise.

Bike Specs for SWAGTRON EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike 


Vehicle Weight  = 56.2 Pounds

Load Capacity = 264.5 lbs

Charge Time = 4-5 hrs

Wheel Size = 20 inches

Price =  $799 – Check on Amazon

Product Dimensions: 56 x 10.5 x 28.5 inches

Maximum Speed 15.5 MPH

4) ECOTRIC  Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike – One of the Most Powerful and cost-effective Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike with a brushless 500 Watt rear motor that provides strong power. With a maximum speed of 20 Miles per hour. The other feature of this Fat Tire Folding E-bike is you can change the setting to get a higher speed. 

Riding Modes – The FAT20810 MBL folding Fat e-bike features both pedal assist and throttle mode equipped with compatible 20-inch tires. This portable folding bike has the ability to do tasks like hauling you from the grocery store to go on all-terrain and rough roads without sweating.

Removable Lithium Battery – Comes with a 36V/13AH removable lithium battery which allows you to bring the battery to home or office for charging. Charging times for these lithium batteries are about 6-8 hours A fully charged battery would allow a ride endurance of 18-29 miles depending on how you use pedal-assist or throttle power.

26 Inch Alloy Frame –  Comes with a 26” Aluminum alloy frame with streamline design perfect for people size between 5.7” – 6.4” This bike is cool with the alloy frame .

Bike Specs for ECOTRIC  Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


Vehicle Weight  = 52.2 Pounds

Load Capacity = 220.5 lbs

Charge Time = 6-8 hrs

Wheel Size = 26 inches

Price =  $929 – Check on Amazon

Maximum Speed 18.5 MPH

5) Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike – As it is said The first impression is the best and makes a lasting one. Nice sweet look design lightweight frame with a quiet yet powerful motor. It’s time to make your daily commute a little more fun. Jetson Bold bike has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for a long-distance journey up to 15 miles a perfect bike for running errands or commutes to your ride to the office in downtown or small distance travel.

LED Headlight – This is one of the features of Jetson Bold Folding Bike on top of easy to carry for commuting it also helps to be safe on your path to the office or home with the LED headlight. It’s definitely a nice feature to have during winter where you have less daylight and get dark earlier.

Built in Cary Handle – One of the reasons people buy folding e-bikes is for convenience and storage. Since most of the electric bikes are used in major metropolitan cities where you might have to travel on a bus or subway train, an easy to carry handle is key. This JETSON Bolt folding bike comes with a built- in handle which makes handling easier and more balanced. That way you can just pick up and go upstairs or downstairs of a subway. 

Storage – Easily slide it to your office desk or tuck it away at home with the collapsible handle.

Bike Specs for Jetson Bolt Folding E-Bike


Vehicle Weight  = 34.2 Pounds

Load Capacity = 250.5 lbs

Charge Time = 4-5 hrs

Wheel Size = 12 inches

Price =  $399 – Check on Amazon

Product Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 37 inches

Maximum Speed 15.5 MPH

6) Tomasar Power Electric Bike –  This Tomasar Power Electric Bike Comes with 26-inch Wheels.  It’s Ultralight but still strong aluminum High carbon steel suspension fork with anti-rust and antiaging painting material. It also runs on an environmentally friendly lithium battery. It also comes with LED front lights and horns. The 36V Lithium battery of the folding bike supports 15 – 31 Miles with a full charge. It needs to be assembled and it is easy and quick very fun to ride an e-bike.

Gear Speed & Mode – There are two working modes for pedal and throttle mode. 250 Watt high speed shifting gear system both front and rear disc brakes and 21 speed transmission system so that you can adjust your speed and have a perfect journey along with your safety. 

Ergonomic Design – The highlight of this Tomasar Power Foldable Electric bike is its ergonomic design with its ergonomic grips, fully adjustable seats and anti-slip resistance tires and efficient design to give a great bike riding experience.

Storage and Carry – The whole reason to buy a foldable bike is for the convenience of easy to carry and storage. With Tomasar Power electric bikes you can slide it easily into your car trunk or carry it with you on a bus or subway. It’s designed perfectly to commute within the city. Ideal for school and office goers. 

Bike Specs for Tomasar Power Electric Bike 


Vehicle Weight  = 37.2 Pounds

Load Capacity = 330.5 lbs

Wheel Size = 26 inches

Price =  $759 – Check on Amazon  

Product size: 68.3 x 25.0 x 39.4inch

Maximum Speed 15.5 MPH

7)  Totem Electric Bicycle 250W – Lightweight  250 Watt Folding electric bicycle is efficient, economical transportation to go to the office, school, or around the city. It can be operated by anybody and is a comfortable, safe riding bike, durable, and well-built city bike. One of the main features of this Portable Folding e-bike is that it has a USB charging port to charge your iPhone or android while you ride. And also comes with a rear carrier rack to keep your small belongings like your car keys or wallet. With all the above-said features it still carries a lightweight of only 44 pounds which is pretty light for an electric foldable bike.

3 Riding Modes – Totem 250 Watt electric bike is fully automatic 15 miles per hour with the throttle, and with pedal assist mode has 5 levels of motorized assistance and the third the experience of traditional bike pedaling. With the speed, it offers you will get there quickly as well as get the right amount of exercise your body needs.

Shipped Fully  Assembled – This premium electric bicycle is fully assembled before it is shipped to its customers. So you don’t need to take it to a bike repair shop to get it assembled or need your own tools to get it assembled. 

Quality Construction and Sleek Style – Most people are of the assumption that folding bikes don’t look good. But the Totem lightweight folding gear bike hasn’t compromised on the look of the e-bike. Its design looks sleek and built with high-quality material.  Another quality of a foldable bike is easy in handling but with all the features of a full-size regular mountain or road bikes.

Bike Specs for Totem Electric Bicycle 250W


Vehicle Weight  = 44 Pounds

Load Capacity = 235 lbs

Battery charge =  4-6 hrs

Wheel Size = 20 inches

Price =  $629 – Check on Amazon

Maximum Speed 15.5 MPH

Conclusion – When we all think of portable and folding electric bikes we have in mind that’s going to cost a lot since it has several features and advantages. But actually speaking most of these bikes are affordable and durable. Compared to regular traditional bike electric bikes looks almost the same easy to carry along with your city or outdoor camping trips.

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