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How to Choose a Best Camping Cookware for your Next Trip

The moment you decide to go camping your immediate reaction is to grab some camping cookware essentials into your backpack.

There is a variety of best camping cookware in the market nowadays it’s a little confusing what to choose. I am here to navigate you through this to find the right now.

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Most of the campers when it comes to camping they think about old aluminum pots which are still available around. But things have changed there are more high and best quality camping cookware materials available.

These days, the camping cookware essentials are made of good technology and put your old aluminum pot to shame. Don’t get me wrong, those aluminum still work, but there are better ones out there. The reason they are the best is because camping cookwares are made with lighter and stronger materials.

Check out this one that I found: Texport Aluminum Camping Cookware set (affiliate link) on Amazon.com. So when you enter an outdoor store or go online to purchase the best camping utensils you may find mugs, pots and pans made out of aluminum, plastics steel and titanium.

To help you to make a good decision on what is best suited for you. I will focus on certain factors to find the difference between few of them. I also would recommend having a camping cookware dish checklist so you know what you need exactly for the trip.

Three Things to consider before your purchase the Best Camping Cookware


First thing you need to decide is the pricing. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a pan or pot. Because the price difference can make a huge change in choosing the cookware.

My suggestion is always try to invest on quality camping utensils since it would last for a long time. Cheaper ones are either heavy to carry, break and not reliable.

Total Weight

Weight matters while you backpack for camping or doing a hike. Lower the weight you carry the better and that should be your goal while picking up the cookware as well. 

Lightweight camping cookware products are a good choice And also If you can find detachable handles it will save space in your backpack.


Materials are correlated to the weight of your cookware as well. Because depending on the material it might look heavy to carry. Some of the common materials cookware are made of plastic, stainless steel cooking pots, aluminum camping dishes, Titanium pans and cast iron.

Each of these materials has different weight durability, versatility and cooking time should be the key factor in picking up the outdoor cooking dishes.

What is the best cookware for camping?

We put 6 of the best camping cookware sets to the test and which one is best for your outdoor campsite cooking. On top of the list the GSI outdoor Pinnacle Camper (affiliate link) came out of the top.

The reason it is the top is because it’s lightweight, sturdy and light weight and it is a perfect for a four person family outdoor camping trip.

Followed by Snow Peak Personal cook (affiliate link)  is perfect for a someone camping solo or a 2 person meal it will withstand the test of durability since it is much thicker and made out of stainless steel.

Read out full review and recommendation as well as ideas how to pick the right camping cooking utensils for your next campsite needs.

Top Pick –  The Pinnacle Camper from GSI Outdoors

Is a complete solution for your cooking and eating during your camping and hiking trips.

It is ideal for 2-4 people cooking at the campsite.Pinnacle Camper is a complete camping cookware set which is what you need for a campsite cooking. Comes with 4 plates, 4 insulated mugs, 4 bowls and 2 large pots with a fry pan, folding handle and stuff sack and wash basin. One of the testers has found it is the quickest way to boil water 1 liter under 3.5 minutes

Pinnacle camper is a unique and efficient performing cooking kit for your camping because of its practical nesting design and hard anodized aluminum pots as well as the durable plastic tableware comes along with the Pinnacle camper cooking set.

It is super compact for packing in your car or jeep camping and it is really nice everything together in one container.

If you’re an avid camper you know that water is so limited but with the teflon coating of the Pinnacle camper makes it really easy to clean.

Users rave about the durability of the product, some even use it 15-20 times for camping trips. That says a lot about the durability of the product.

Another feature we are impressed with about this product is the easy to use pot gripper and works seamlessly every time you use it.

Overall if you are looking for a top camping cookware for a person of 2-4 GSI outdoor Pinnacle camper is the one you don’t disappoint.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 3.63 pounds
  • Material – Nonstick Hard anodized aluminum
  • Maximum Capacity – 3 Liters
  • Servers – 4 people

Second Best –Snow Peak Personal cooker

A polished stainless steel cookware. It includes two pots, a fry pan, lid, plate, bowl and a carry case.

It’s a Japanese Made with high quality stainless steel material. If you are planning to do an open fire camp cooking their pot cook set with folding handles holds up nicely.

Ideal for solo campers and its holding capacity is only 1 liter. Since stainless steel utensils are much thicker and are expected to last longer. People who have used these stainless steel pots have mentioned it holds up the heat of the boiled water up to one hour.

For the quality of the product it is very affordable. That’s the main features of this Snow Peak Personal Cooker.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 1.5 pounds
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Capacity – 1 Liter
  • Servers – 2 people

Best Value – Mallo Me

One of the Most budget value camping cookware pans in the market. One liter camping cookware which comes with a mess kit easy for backpacking gear and hiking outdoors.

It is lightweight, compact and also comes with a free folding spork and a nylon bag. When you are out camping or doing outdoor trips you have to give up certain luxuries if you want to really embrace the journey. But if you have a lightweight MalloMe 10 Piece cookware you can enjoy that hot meal.

The collapsible and easy to store design really caught our eye and makes one of the smallest and lightweight enough to store your cookware kit.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 0.9 pounds
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Maximum Capacity – .9 Liters
  • Servers – 2 people

Rest of the four other camping cooking sets

We did find some other camping cookware please check those as well and purchase the one which best suits for your needs.

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

This Stainless steel one person steel cooking set lets you cook on a stove or grills. And it also comes with 10oz cups included inside . Ideal for one person hiking or fishing trip. Not recommended for more than 2 person trips since it holds less than 1 liter for cooking.

If looking for cheap and ultra light to carry on your backpack.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 14 Oz
  • Material – Stainless Steel 
  • Maximum Capacity – .9 Liters
  • Servers – 2 people

TOAKS Titanium Pot With Pan

As the name sounds it is made out of Titanium of very good quality and it’s strong and lightweight. If you are using a canister to cook Toaks Titanium is a perfect choice. Tests show that it boils water very quickly within about 3 minutes or less.

A solo stove or a canister fits great in this pot set and easy to carry ideal for fishing trips and car camping. It will add a great addition to your backpacking cook kit. The fry pan comes along with the set. You can cook 1 egg and bacon and also it is an offset of frying and boiling.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 8 Oz
  • Material – Titanium
  • Maximum Capacity – .9 Liters
  • Servers – 2 people

Texsport 8 Piece Deluxe Aluminum Cook Set

Every camper cooks differently depending on their cooking. Their need for camping cookware changes too. Some of them are multipurpose like frying, boiling etc but some of the cookware most for small pots for boiling.

To find that is a multipurpose pan, pot and plates with affordable rates that where the Texsport 8 piece aluminum set comes in. The other features that we liked was the vinyl strap holding the nesting components together for easy to travel.

Product Specs

  • Weight – 8 Oz
  • Material – Titanium
  • Maximum Capacity – .9 Liters
  • Servers – 2 people

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Overall investing in a camping cookware, think about what you cook while you are camping and how often do you camp based on that and make a purchasing decision what kind of cookware material and cook time you need while camping. Enjoy the great outdoors with the recommended camping cookware.

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