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Best Bear Sprays for Hiking and Camping in 2020

Best Bear Sprays for Hiking and Camping

If you live in an area where there is a lot of bear population or planning on a hiking or a camping trip to a national park or camping site where there are wild bear roaming around, then you need some of the best bear sprays to scare off the bears been attached or instead of using a shotgun to injury the heavy furry creature.  Backpacking or camping in an area with wild bears you should be more cautious been attacked by a wild bear. We have carefully selected a handful of some of the best bear sprays to help you choose for your next outdoor trip.

You can read more information about Bear Safety and awareness of Grizzly and Wolf.

5 Best Bear Sprays for Hiking and Camping

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SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray

Counter Assault Bear Repellent Spray

Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange with Color Griz Guard Holster
Guard Alaska Bear repellent 
Mace Brand Bear Attack Survival Defense Spray
  1. SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray

Compared to other spray brands, this product is an effective bear spray made in the USA.  It is 50% more stronger than the Cops Pepper Spray! One of the reasons we chose SABRE as our first choice is because it gives greater protection at a 35 feet distance. As you know, a wild bear can charge at you at 35 miles per hour speed. This particular bear spray product is safer for you, the environment and even for the bear!

Some of the sprays to get rid of bears available on the market are flammable. However, SABRE is non-flammable and also does not contain any ozone-depleting chemicals.  SABRE effective sprays are EPA approved, field-tested and are proven effective against all kinds of bears.

2) Counter Assault -Distance Bear Repellent Spray

Counter Assault is a leading bear repellent spray brand with the farthest-reaching best bear spray available on the market today. Its effectiveness reaches a distance of 40 feet when you spray at the bear. This spray contains capsaicin, though studies show that capsaicinoid products only need 2% of capsaicin to keep the bear away. This also disables the bear’s ability to smell and see.

Counter Assault bear repellent spray has a 4-year shelf life, meaning it will last long. This brand also meets the EPA requirements for SNAP Certification.

3) Udap Bear Spray with Griz Guard Holster

This product is developed by a bear attack survivor, so it will surely drive away any of the furry animals that may be lurking near your tent.  UDAP comes in a two pack, including exclusive Griz guard holsters. It weighs around 11.4 ounces and ranges up to 30 feet, but it has great potential and provides better protection from the bear attack.  Some of the customers of this product has also used it against frightening dogs wandering around in their neighborhoods.

UDAP is also effective if you live in the woods and have many bears roaming around your deck or your backyard.  This product chases them off since it’s extremely strong and its force is quite powerful. However, because of this, it can create a reaction on your skin and eyes if it is used accidentally inside your room or house. We hope you will never have to use it, but it has one of the best insurance policies (which costs only $39.99!) you will find.

4) Guard Alaska Bear Spray Repellent

Similar to Counter Assult, Guard Alaska 9oz bear repellent has a 4-year shelf life. Guard Alaska is tested and proved extensively for 6 years in the wild area of Alaska a very bear populated area. Alaska contains about 98% of the brown bears as well as 70% of the total bear population in North America. The Spray range is a little shorter (15-20 feet) compared to the other repellent mentioned above. The Capsaicinoid formula is around 1/34% in the 9 oz canister.  This product is safe for the environment since it doesn’t contain any kind of flammable or ozone-depleting substance so it is safer to use and effective on all bear species. We also like their slogan – Be safe, Protect yourself with Guard Alaska.

A perfect and must-have item for outdoor nature enthusiasts going for hiking, hunting, camping, and people living around the countryside to protect from bear attacks.

5) Mace Brand Bear Attack Survival Defense Spray

Best valued bear protection canister plus holster is a stronger bear spray. Mace Brand is a USA based manufacture out of Cleveland Ohio. Using the strongest formula animal deterrent spray approved by EPA. The extra holster which comes along with the bundle comes in handy it can be hooked to your belt and keep you handsfree.  Mace Brand Bear Spray is safe for the environment, humans, and bears and protects you from bear attacks while fishing, camping, hiking, and biking. The powerful magnum fogger creates a blast cloud that reaches up to 35 feet which is pretty good.

This canister is over 9 ounces with a dimension of  9″ x 2″. It’s an excellent buy for the price of $39.99.

Bear Spray Purchasing Guide

  • Capsaicin minimum  of .0867%
  • Content of the Spray Minimum 8 oz
  • Range at least 20 Feet
  • It should be a Bear only Spray
  • EPA Certified Spray

We do recommend to carry at least a couple of larger spray canisters with a higher capsaicin percentage and at least 20feet range.

The bear attack on human and domestic pets is a big concern particularly people living near bear habitats. They can be fatal some times if you are not carrying any kind of bear protection sprays while hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, and camping.

What should you do if you see a bear?

One bear attack hospitalization occurred every year from 2000-2017 with the greatest number of hospitalization occurred in the year 2016. On an average three people are killed in US and Canada combined and compared to 15 people are killed every year by a dog attack.

Seeing a bear is a great treat for a visitor in a national park. While this can be an exciting moment but also important to remember these bears can attack and it can be fatal and hospitalization is required. These bears are unpredictable. There is no particular strategy to avoid bear attacks the situation can be different for each encounter. Using one of the recommended Bear Sprays above which is EPA approved can save your life escape without an injury.

Some of the other ways to  survive bear attacks are

  • Be as noisy as possible like singing, talking and wear a bell
  • Give some space between bears watch and photograph from a distance
  • Respect a Bears Meal stay away from dead animals
  • Keep you camping tent clean don’t leave leftover food and stored food away from the tent
  • Don’t take pets like dogs with you, and leave them at home. Bears and pets do not get along!

Conclusion:  The best way to avoid bear attacks on your outdoor trips is to to be prepared, follow the rules in the national parks or camping sites and always carry bear protection items like sprays and other accessories.

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