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10 Best Tactical Hunting Knives Ideal for Camping Expeditions

Best Tactical Hunting Knives Ideal for Camping Expeditions
Imagine you are placed in the wilderness armed sole with one tactical knife – which one would you choose?
While everybody has their favourite knife, we take a look at the best tactical hunting knives that are also ideal for camping expeditions. When you are out “living off the land” you will want a knife with the versatility to cut through bone, rope, and other hunting related things but also have the multi-use that camping knives can bring. When you are out in the wild it is all about usefulness and quality. This means you want a tactical hunting knife that can do it all and make your camping expedition the best it can be.

10 Best Tactical Hunting Knives

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Tool Logic SL Pro 2

Ka-Bar Mule Folder

Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point

CRKT Ultima
Marine Corps Fighting
CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder
Buck Hoodlum

Gerber LMF II

Cold Steel Pendleton

SOG Seal Pup Elite

1. Tool Logic SL Pro 2

Best Tactical Hunting Knives Ideal for Camping Expeditions-tool-logic-sl-pro-2

The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 is one popular knife around many camps. This quality knife comes with a loud signal whistle, spark rod and an LED flashlight all fitting into a nice and normal sized handle. With a 3-inch-long 50/50 serrated blade this tactical hunting knife has no problem staying sharp and is great for those long camping expeditions. The bright white LED flashlight saves you the need to carry around a flashlight. And finally a premium magnesium alloy fire rod is attached to the light’s anodized aluminium housing.

2. Ka-Bar Mule Folder

Best Tactical Hunting Knives Ideal for Camping Expeditions-ka-bar-mule-folder

Ka-Bar’s Mule is a folding knife that can handle some serious stuff. With serious construction and generous weight you can treat this blade a little rougher than most other folding knives. The Mule weighs 7.2 ounces and the blade is created from AUS 8A stainless steel. The blade length is 3 13/16 inches, while the open length is 9 1/16 inches. With a hollow-grind, 15-degree edge angle this knife is as sharp as you will ever want it to be. The unique grips on the Zytel handle will make sure this knife stays safely in your hand making it both dangerous and safe at the safe time.

3. Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point

Best Tactical Hunting Knives Ideal for Camping Expeditions-cold-steel-recon-1-spear-point

This knife is a thing, light, and tough folding knife with an impressive edge. This is a survival knife that does it all. The Cold Steel Recon 1 has a 4-inch blade that is 3.5 mm thick. The steel is made from Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel with a black finish. This incredibly useful knife only weighs 5.3 ounces, and with a stainless pocket / belt clip it is perfect for on the go.

4. CRKT Ultima


This is the ultimate fixed blade. Patterned after ancient Bronze Age daggers from a thousand years ago the blades handle is one of its most interesting attributes. The injection-molded black glass-filled nylon scales contains more than 70 triangular grip segments. These segment are separated by sipes which channel away debri, dirt, mud and anything slick.

5. KA-BAR Full-Size Black, Straight Edge


If you like a knife that is used, respected and trusted by the US Marines, then this is your tactical hunting knife. It weighs 10.4 ounces and has a blade length of 7 inches. The steel is made of 1095 chrome-vanadium, and the handle is made of Kraton G that fits perfectly to your hand and is great for camping expeditions.

6. CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder


The M21 weighs just 3.2 ounces and has a blade length of 3 inches. As far as folding tactical hunting knives go this is one of the best. The AUS 8 steel sharpens on a dime and the edge stays sharp for a long time. With two locks that can be opened with one hand this knife stays safe. If folding knives are your thing, then this has it all.

7. Buck Hoodlum


The long beautiful blade of the Buck Hoodlum measures about 10 inches with a powder coat finish for corrosion resistance on top of 5160 steel. This knife is the largest and most quality we have spoken of yet. Its overall length is 15� inches and it weighs 14.6 ounces. The handle consists of removable Black Linen Micarta scales over an open-cavity tang. This helps the tactical hunting knife absorb shock for when you are counting through some tough stuff and also lets you fashion it to a spear. You can cut wire and do everything a knife should do.

8. Gerber LMF II


Being the most popular survival knife in production is no easy task to obtain. The Gerber LMF II boasts a knife length that is just over 10 and a half inches with a 4.82 serrated section. It only weighs 11.67 ounces and is made of 420HC stainless steel that gives it an impressive shine. This knife has a rubber skin and a pointed cap to break through glass.

9. Cold Steel Pendleton


The Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter is the perfect tactical hunting knife for taking care of all the camp chores. Being both sharp and high quality it can serve as a butchering knife for any fresh kills during your camping expedition. With a light weight it handles very easily. The knife weighs 5.8 ounces, but has a 3�-inch blade made of VG-1 steel.

10. SOG Seal Pup Elite


This SOG made knife is one of their fines quality knives. If it is good enough for the military elite than it should be good enough for you. By being both a tactical blade and a survival knife you can use it on all camping or hunting expeditions. The blade is 4.85 inches and lightweight at just 5.4 ounces.

There is no such thing as the perfect hunting knife. It comes down to which knife is more your style and which ones give you personally the most utility. While there are hundreds of quality tactical hunting knives ideal for camping expeditions, these are the top 10 on our list. When you go camping make sure you have the best tactical knife so you can successfully enjoy your camping expedition.

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