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10 Best Mummy Sleeping Bag to Keep You Warm

Mummy Sleeping Bag
Mummy bags are what adventurers, mountaineers and backpackers usually bring with them when they are on an adventure because they trap air tightly to the body. If you are looking for something to keep you warm while sleeping at the campsite, you will never go wrong with a mummy bag. But what are the best mummy sleeping bags to keep you warm? Here are a few suggestions.

10 Best Mummy Sleeping Bag to Keep You Warm

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Coleman Weather Sleeping Bag

Teton Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Adventurer Sleeping Bag

Teton Ultralight Sleeping Bag
Rovor Mummy Ultralight Backpacking
Coleman Silverton Sleeping Bag
Best Choice Products Sleeping Bag with Carrying Case

Aektiv Sleeping Bag

Milestone Camping Summer Sleeping Bag Liner

Paroh Sleeping Bag Liner

1. Coleman North Rim Mummy Sleeping Bag

This mummy bag is great when used with insulated sleeping pad. It can be unzipped and used as a comforter when it is not too cold outside. The insulation retains the body heat very comfortably. When it is very cold, you just zip it up, tie the drawstring underneath your chin and you warm up immediately. The curtains warms up your head and shoulder area. It is definitely one of the best mummy bags to keep you warm.

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2. Teton Sports Tracker Mummy Sleeping Bag

This mummy sleeping bag has a 3-piece hood that can be adjusted to take in the shape of your face and tuck your ears and head tightly. It has a longer length than most mummy sleeping bags. It has a built-out foot-box to keep the feet warm and giving more room to move around. The mummy sleep bag takes the contour of the body lines. Zipper pullers can be found inside and outside for easy closure and opening.

mummy sleeping bag -ultralight-sleeping-bag-2

3. Suisse Sport Adventure Mummy Sleeping Back

For its price, only $39.38 at Amazon.com, the mummy sleeping bag is worth your money. It fits into my pack. It is one of the best mummy bags to keep you warm even with a temperature of 30 degrees. It is ultralight and even a 6 footer can sleep comfortably in it. It is best when you use it with a sleep pad and wear thermals.

mummy sleeping bag -adventurer-sleeping-bag-3

4. Teton Sports Trailhead Mummy Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is big and comfortable even for a person who is 6 feet and more. It may not look fanciful or top of the line, but it is absolutely among the best mummy bags to keep you warm. Its inside material has softer sheet-like that makes it very comfortable. It has an interior pocket to keep your wallet or mobile device. It is durable and water-resistant.

mummy sleeping bag -ultralight-sleeping-bag-4

5. Rover Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is a super comfortable mummy sleeping bag. The inside is very soft and feels like bed sheets. Even in 22 degrees Fahrenheit cold weather, it is very warm. The H4 hollow fiber filling gives extra warmth. The microfiber lining is made with 260 thread count to provide comfort and softness.


6. Coleman Silverton Mummy Sleeping Bag

This mummy sleeping bag has hollow fiber filling to keep the heat inside. It is lightweight and can be packed easily. The outside material is made of polyester ripstop and the inside is has comfortable polyester liner. It has a special zipper that plows the fabric away to prevent snags. You need a sleeping pad underneath to keep the insulation between the bag and the ground.


7. Best Choice Products Mummy Sleeping Bag

It is definitely water-proof but it does not get wet inside from the sweat or breathing. It is light-weight. It is made of 210T nylon and filled with M2 hollow fiber. The zipper is found at the side for easy entrance.


8. Aektiv Outdoor Mummy Style

This mummy style sleeping bag is of the best quality and one of the best mummy bags to keep you warm. Considering that it is made of ducks down, it can compress very small so it is easier to carry. You will feel cozy and warm even on cold nights.

9. Milestone Camping Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Milestone brand provides fantastic mummy sleeping bags. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a 170 Thread Polyester outside material and 150 g filling to keep you comfortable and warm.


10. Yellowstore Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is a great quality mummy sleeping bag and at the price it is of value. It is very comfortable and perfect for sleepovers. It has a bag to make it easy to carry around. The fabric in the lining inside is made of 170 thread Polyester to give softness. The outer fabric is made of the same material.


When you pick a mummy sleeping bag for your next adventure you can try to check those that we have suggested above. They are the best among the best and you can be assured that you have made the right choice when you choose from the 10 best mummy bags to keep you warm.

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